About our company

Our online store www.dobryesemena.ru is pleased to offer a wide selection of professional vegetable seeds from leading Russian and foreign companies. Our entire range has undergone rigorous multi-stage tests in various conditions of cultivation in Russia and neighboring countries and in practice has proved its viability, stability and worthy quality. We are always ready to offer decent quality products at a bargain price.
Here you will find a number of outstanding varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops from Global Seeds, such as: tomato Lvovich F1 and Heavy F1, cucumber Standart F1 and Skipper F1, sweet pepper Tacitus F1 and Flavius ​​F1, dill Crocodile and Vector and a number of other crops.
Our team is a team of specialists with many years of experience in all branches of seed business. The secret of our success lies in people - we have an amazing team of talented and motivated professionals who are able to achieve amazing results in the shortest possible time. Despite the difficulties, many ambitious tasks are set and successfully solved by our breeders. The result of this work was the creation of modern highly competitive hybrids, known and in demand not only in Russia, but also in the near and far abroad. Today our assortment is 80% of the assortment list presented on the vegetable market. We try to objectively evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, but it is already obvious that in some positions, for example, in the pink-fruit tomato segment, our turnover is growing steadily. The best confirmation of the potential of our genetics is the fact that we began to export our seeds to countries in Europe and the Middle East.
Not so long ago, our international recognition was once again confirmed - the varieties of our company were included in the EEC register. It should be noted that we are the first and so far the only Russian company awarded such a high rating.
Despite all the difficulties, we look confidently tomorrow and we have every reason for optimism: a wonderful team, clear and concrete plans, and real possibilities for their implementation!