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Fertilizer Smart Grow Alhum Plus (Smart Grow Alhum Plus)

A unique liquid highly concentrated organo-mineral fertilizer based on seaweed extract and potassium humate, enriched with macro- and microelements, designed specifically to improve the general condition of crops and reveal their full genetic potential.


contains the highest concentration of natural nutrients, potassium humate and amino acids, which give the drug an economic advantage due to its complexity;
thanks to natural phytohormones (auxins, cytokinins) and amino acids, it provides strong resistance to various stresses (complex biogenic and abiogenic stressors);
increases frost resistance;
stimulates vigorous growth and development of the root system and vegetative mass of plants;
mobilizes the immune system;
increases the intensity of photosynthesis, the content of chlorophyll and soluble carbohydrates;
stimulates the absorption of macro- and microelements by the roots; contributes to the acceleration of bud formation;
with seed protectants, it activates the suppression of pathogenic microorganisms and provides seedlings with initial nutrition, accelerates seed germination;
prolongs the fruiting period, which increases the total amount of the harvest, for example, on vegetable crops;
increases productivity by 15-20%; the possibility of using in organic farming (the presence of a quality certificate "Organic Standard").


potassium humate - 50 g / l,
seaweed extract - 180 g / l,
alginic acid - 20 g / l,
amino acids - 20 g / l,
cytokinins - 2.0 mg/l,
auxins - 11.0 mg/l,
N - 90 g/l,
P2O5 - 90 g/l,
K2O - 150 g/l,
S - 5 g/l,
trace elements - 15-20 mg / l. pH - 8-10.
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